About Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is in the junction of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and computer engineering. Exemplary application areas include defense systems, automation, machine design, automotive industry, aeronautics, computer aided manufacturing, quality control systems and various toys.


Our country has a potent defense industry as well as a strong automotive industry and its subsidiary industries. In addition, companies using factory automation or designing electro-mechanical products are widespread. Along with Industry 4.0, all sectors are compelled to carry out R&D activities about internet of things, automation, big data, robotics, and so on. In order to make progress, companies need Mechatronics Engineers who are well-educated, prone to research and development and highly motivated. Therefore, the Mechatronics Engineering Department established within İzmir University of Economics aims to graduate Mechatronics Engineers equipped with the knowledge and skills to design intelligent machines of the future.