About Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is in the junction of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and computer engineering. Exemplary applications can be seen in defense systems, toy industry, automotive industry, aeronautic, computer and robot assisted production and automated quality control systems.

Our country has a potent defense industry as well as a strong automotive industry and sub-industry. In addition, companies using factory automation and designing electro-mechanical products (such as robots, remote controlled weapons and toys) are widespread. On the verge of Turkey being a member state of EU, all these sectors require improvement in automation, productivity, ergonomics and quality. Support and promotion of Mechatronics Engineering with better opportunities will be beneficial for our country, and will help fulfill the need for qualified personnel. Towards this aim Mechatronics Engineering established in the Engineering and Computer Sciences Faculty of İzmir University of Economics targets training engineers who have experience and high practical skills.